Ecolife Extra Immuno for kittens and cats, aroma spot-on

In the process of long evolution, animals have learned to get rid of diseases with the help of natural remedies that can be found in nature. These are herbs, flowers and wild berries, bark and leaves of trees.

Veterinary science helps a pet to improve its state of health in a natural way for it, creating products based on concentrates extracted from plants.

Phyto spot-on Ms. Kiss is a product based on essential oils and plant hydrolates that improve the well-being of our pets.


  • strengthen the immune system

  • increase the body's resistance to infections and viruses

  • reduce the risk of developing diseases during the period of active growth

  • accelerate the process of rehabilitation after illness

  • improve metabolism

Active ingredients:

Eucalyptus has an antiviral effect, increases the body's resistance to pathogenic microorganisms, has an antibacterial and tonic effect.

Lime tree restores and strengthens the vital forces of the body, stimulates the immune system, has anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic and analgesic effects.

Geranium stimulates the healing process, increases the body's resistance to infections and viruses, promotes the normalization of digestion, has a beneficial effect on the emotional background of the animal, relieves nervous tension and anxiety, encourages life.

Application procedure: apply 8-10 drops of the product along the spinal column to the skin, pushing the animal's coat apart.

Quantity: 10 ml dropper tube.

Ecolife Extra Immuno for kittens and cats, aroma spot-on, 10 ml 
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