Nephrolanvet paste

Nephrolanvet paste is a Lanthanum Carbonate based feed supplement to help support the renal function in cats and dogs with CKD (chronic kidney disease).

Benefits of Nephrolanvet:

  • Improves kidney function. Work as a phosphate binder, increasing ability of the kidneys to function properly
  • Stops the development of the disease. Regular use of the paste improves the clinical condition of the animal
  • Safely. Lanthanum does not enter the bloodstream, and instead is released in the feces.
  • Tasty. The aroma of the malt attracts the pet and makes feeding easier
  • Easy to administer. The paste is compatible with all feeds, medicines and other feed additives.
Neodiar, 10 tab.
for the treatment of acute and chronic diarrhea in cats and dogs
AI: Nifuroxazide. Pack quantity: 26 pcs. Weight - 0.31 kg Bar code: 4607092079578

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